Shards of Azuria Wiki

Shards of Azuria is a roguelike RPG with a randomly generated world, where you can craft, build, and fight your way through victory using a broad variety of items, abilities, and spells!


  • Inventory System with over 150+ items
  • Crafting System with over 90+ recipes
  • Build a home by placing down blocks, furniture or other objects
  • Add color to your surroundings with the Paint Blaster
  • Core RPG mechancis, level up, get stronger and obtain new equipment
  • 15+ Abilities to obtain out of 3 different class types
  • Dialogue / Quest system with 6 core NPCs and 20+ quests
  • Day Cycle system
  • Explore large generated Woodland, Cave and Dungeon areas
  • Custom designed Town and Boss areas
  • Fight a variety of creatures
  • And of course, wipe out the final boss!