Shards of Azuria Wiki

The following is a list of achievements in the game Shards of Azuria.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description
An All Seeing Eye.jpg An All Seeing Eye Complete the 'Kill The Lost Vision' Quest
Beginner Crafter.jpg Beginner Crafter Complete the 'Craft Rock Hammer' Quest
Bunny Whisperer.jpg Bunny Whisperer Complete the 'The Carrot of Truth' Quest
Home Sweet Home.jpg Home Sweet Home Use your own Bed for the first time
Into The Dungeon.jpg Into The Dungeon Complete the 'Unlock The Dungeon' Quest
Knowledge Seeker.jpg Knowledge Seeker Obtain 5 Mysticism Abilities
Overcome Evil.jpg Overcome Evil Defeat the Sentientpede
So Many Colours.jpg So Many Colours Obtain the 'Paint Blaster' item
Sword Swinger.jpg Sword Swinger Obtain 5 Might Abilities
The Path Of Cunning.jpg The Path Of Cunning Complete the 'The Path Of Cunning' Quest
The Path Of Might.jpg The Path Of Might Complete the 'The Path Of Might' Quest
The Path Of Mysticism.jpg The Path Of Mysticism Complete the 'The Path Of Mysticism' Quest
Toxic Trapper.jpg Toxic Trapper Obtain 5 Cunning Abilities