Shards of Azuria Wiki

This page lists all abilities and spells. The difference between them is that:

  • Abilities rely on Agility and consume Mana.
  • Spells rely on Intellect for spell power and consume Mana


Ability/spell Effect Mana cost
Heals the user by (10% of user's armour) percent of damage taken. For every 5% health that is healed this way, an Extra Strike is gained. Lasts 10 sec. 30 sec cooldown. 200
Throws 5 daggers out in front of the user, causing low ranged physical damage. Stuns the target for 4 seconds. 16 sec cooldown. 60
The user enters a bloodening state, feasting on the pain of enemies. Melee damage heals the user for 30% of damage dealt and armour is increased 30%. Lasts 5 seconds. 26 sec cooldown 60
You prepare for impact, reducing damage taken for the next 1 seconds by 80%. 14 sec cooldown. 80
A vicious physical attack that inflicts extra damage when behind the target. Dealing damage from behind also generates an Extra Strike. 6 sec cooldown. 20
Creates a decoy clone of the player. Both the player and the decoy switch to a random location nearby. Any nearby enemies will forget who they are attacking. 30 sec cooldown. 120
A brutal physical attack that dismembers the target's leg. Slows the target, bleeding over time, lasting 6 seconds. 12 sec cooldown. 40
In a flash, the assassin rushes 6 blocks ahead, attacking anything in it's path for moderate physical damage and appearing behind the target. The target is also stunned for 2 sec. 6 sec cooldown. 60
User charges in the facing direction. 70
A shard of ice falls at the target location, damaging nearby enemies and freezing their movement. 1.5 sec cast time. 70
Fires an orb of infernal misery, exploding on impact and burning everything in the affected area. 2 sec cast time. 140
Creates a magic wall in front of the user. 14 sec cooldown. 60
Increases movement speed by 60% for 10 sec. 24 second cooldown. 480
Envelops the caster in a bubble of mystical energy. Prevents knockback and transfers 20% of damage taken into consuming mana instead. Lasts 8 sec. 30 sec cooldown. 40
Unleashes a line of mystical power in front of the user, damaging anything in it's path. 1 sec cast time. 45
Summons a mystical Orb of Light that orbits the caster and illuminates the surroundings. Lasts 30 seconds. 1 min cooldown. 200
Transforms the users weapon into an etheral shard of might. This has a much longer reach and deals increased damage. Lasts 6 seconds. 70
Places a trap on the ground that lasts 90 seconds. The trap is triggered when an enemy walks over the trap location. Causes immediate physical damage and adds the Slow and Open Wound statuses for 5 seconds. 80
A growth of roots tangles yourself and all enemies in a 8 block range. The roots prevent any movement and heals 3% health every second for 5 seconds. 24 sec cooldown. 40
Teleports the user to the target location. 60
The user stomps the ground with a thunderous impact and damages anything nearby. Stuns nearby enemies for 3 sec. 60
Briefly go out of sight. For 4 seconds, you are completely invisible and will not be detected by monsters. 20 sec cooldown. 120